24th May


Since Mary is the most holy of creatures, and since all things were created by God for the service and glory of holiness, she took a place next to Christ in the end for which the world was created, and the end of any work is that which was first conceived in the mind of its creator. Moreover, as the Man-God is the principle of all sanctity and author of all saints, so was Mary the principle of the Man-God; and as the mother precedes the son, no less in the order of thoughts than in that of causes, likewise Mary who could not precede the Divine Word, because He was generated from eternity, could, however, and did precede the Incarnate Word, because she herself gave Him human nature in her most holy womb, and it was this human nature of the Word which became the means of saving mankind and sanctifying all the saints.

Ibid. No. 10


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