4th March


It is just that man should account himself as nothing, and account God to be all in all. It is just also that man should know that glory belongs not to him who is nothing, but to Him who is all in all, and that therefore he should not desire any glory for himself but should wish to give all possible glory to God alone. It is also just that the man who knows these things should feel a certain distress whenever he is praised by others, because “nothing” cannot desire to be praised without usurpation. On the contrary, he should feel a great delight when he sees men glorifying God. Man, however, is not merely nothing but worse than nothing, that is a sinner; and it is just that he should desire to be despised, and he should rejoice when he is ill-treated by men. These sentiments should be deeply and indelibly engraved in the heart of a religious.

Stresa, 24.09.50


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