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 Fr. Xavier Moonjely has been nominated "Superior/Provincial" of the soon to be constituted Indian Province.

Fr. Xavier will be the first "regional superior" and soon after the first "Provincial" of the newly constituted Indian Province. This is the direct result of decisions taken at the General Chapter. India is the fastest growing area of the Institute in relation to numbers, although it will have to find ways to become self-sufficient by opening works of charity that will be able to support the brethren. The brethren there have an immense field for apostolic work among the Christians of South India. We wish Fr. Xavier the protection of the Almighty, and the spirit that animated both St. Thomas and St. Francis Xavier. 


 Mr. Gareth Lloyd was appointed head of Ratcliffe College yesterday after a lenghty process of interviews. When the post was advertised we had nearly 40 interested persons, of which 15 sent back their full application forms. Ten were finally short-listed, and after the initial interviews of all candidates, two emerged as favourites. Mr. Lloyd was appointed yesterday, 28 November, and he will take up his post from 1st September 2009. He will have the task of following on the process of renewal undertaken successfully by the present Head, Mr. Peter Farrar. We wish him well.

The General Chapter of the Institute of Charity, October 2008 

There are 29 participants plus a facilitator. The highlight so far has been the presence of the bishop of Novara, Mons. Renato Corti who presided over the first Mass, giving a splendid homily about the emptiness which is all around us and perhaps in us, and the need to turn to JESUS to find true meaning and true redemption. We have been bought not with silver and gold but through the precious Blood of the Lamb that was slain, JESUS. Fr. Founder had a great devotion to the precious Blood, because he knew that the Cross is the supreme act of love of God for us, the only thing that can truly fill the emptiness of our hearts.

The usual procedures have been followed, and now the brethren are engaged in in discussing matters related to the work of Fr. General and the curia, and the works in the Provinces.

Various items have already been discussed: the report of Fr. General, the reports of the 8 religious superiors, formation, vocations, the status of the Constitutions. This afternoon will be the turn of the finances of the Institute, and Fr. D Hare has come to join us for the afternoon session.

The great issue will be the restructuring of the Institute, in particular whether it should have Fr. General and his Vicars to direct the whole Institute from Rome, with power to move at will all members and funds, or instead to have more Provinces to cater for the new areas - India, Venezuela, East Africa - and to amalgamate the older Provinces (Ireland, UK, USA) into one, more vibrant Province, together with the still strong Italian Province.

**The chapter ended with the decision to create 4 new Provinces + the Italian Province. Our brethren in India, Venezuela, East Africa will therefore form independent Provinces, with their own Provincials and Provincial Councils. UK, Ireland, USA will form the one Gentili Province and they also will have to come together to elect one Provincial and his council.

The next few months will see meetings and assemblies at various levels to bring about this new reality, which, we are sure, was ispired by the Holy Spirit and by our Founder, Blessed Rosmini.

Below, a picture of the members of the General Chapter.


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