What is the Rosmini Centre?

The Rosmini Centre is a House of Prayer of the Institute of Charity. 

Prayer and worship mark the essential moments of its daily life, together with meditation, and work: spiritual, theological, philosophical, manual.

The site originally was Ratcliffe Farm  and for a period Ratcliffe Aerodrome.  The buildings have been adapted to suit the needs of a Prayer Centre.

It consists of a beautiful chapel dedicated to the Blessed Antonio Rosmini, of a library for private study, of smaller and larger rooms for individuals or groups, the community house, and over 100 acres of land for walks. There is a shop stocking various translated works of Rosmini and an assortment of religious cards.

The self contained residential block is currently set aside as a novitiate for the Institue of Charity, Rosminians.  In the near future it is hoped to convert the last of the original farm buildings into a centre for Rosminian Publications and some additional accommodation.

It provides lectures on Catholic faith, study of the Scriptures, relevant philosophical, theological, spiritual courses on a regular basis. It helps in promoting knowledge of the writings of Blessed Rosmini.

It also offers the opportunity for discerning one’s vocation in life, especially the call to the religious life.

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