March 2018

9 Friday                Healing Service led Fr Denis Labartette. Rosary at 7.00 pm
followed by Mass, Adoration and prayers for healing.

10 Saturday           Deepening our Faith with Bishop Robert Barron DVD. Mass at
10.00 am followed at 11.00 am by DVD on The Mystery of
Shared table at 1.00 pm with soup and a roll. Please
book in advance. Donations welcome.

17 Saturday           Lenten Retreat starts with Mass at 10.00 am with
Meditation, Prayer, the Sacrament of Reconciliation,
Adoration. Lunch provided. Please book in advance. All
welcome. Suggested donation £15.

24 Saturday           “Why do innocent people suffer?”. A study of the Book of
Job by Fr Antonio Belsito. Mass at 10.00 am with talk at
11.00 am and shared table lunch at 1.00 pm. Please book
in advance. All are welcome.

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